Jackie Dunn Smith
  • moonof--mylife asked : I'm absolutely in love with your work, I definitely need some prints in my house. I would also love a tattoo by you! You tattoo right? Where do you reside? I'm not going to lie, your art has inspire a couple of my own pieces.. However I could never be as good as you! Thank you for brightening my day!

     Ah, thank you, you are sweet! I will have prints very soon, I tattoo in Dallas and in San Diego, and I would love to see your paintings! xo

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  • Mugsy and I made this today, so we are feeling puh-retty kewl….. #cartoonnetwork, here we come! #kirby #summertimeblues

  • ocean0fviolence asked : I've recently moved into my own little flat and would love to have a print or two of yours on my bare walls. Do you sell prints, or would you be against your pictures being printed on quality paper to be framed and hung on the wall? I would really appreciate it if so. (p.s. I am based in Manchester, UK).

    Hello, it has been so long, I hope you have not moved out already! I have someone who makes limited edition giclees of my work for me. I would much prefer you to have one of those, over copies, so that it is actually worth something! I am actually in the process of setting up an online store, and I will post it here this week! Thank you for the compliment :)

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