• I also have one of these giclées left for sale, 18x24, $90. email me at jackiedunnsmith@live.com, if you would like it for your own. 🐟🌙

  • Due to a happy accident, I have one mermaid giclée left, for anyone who may want it! 24x36, $140. Email me, and it’s yours. jackiedunnsmith@live.com 😘

  • by Jackie Dunn Smith

    This painting is the combined result of my actual efforts and severe water damage. I know I had offered giclees, but because the painting now differs from the original shown, I would like everyone to get a clear look at what your print will look like.  I still actually really like it, I just don’t want anyone to order one, thinking they are getting the original version. Due to the accident, I will ONLY be printing the amount requested.

  • Good morning! I will be selling 25 limited edition 18x24 giclees on watercolor paper, $80, available next week. If you would like to preorder, or if you are interested in the original (25x30), please contact me at jackiedunnsmith@live.com 🐟🐠 xo

  • I'm absolutely in love with your work, I definitely need some prints in my house. I would also love a tattoo by you! You tattoo right? Where do you reside? I'm not going to lie, your art has inspire a couple of my own pieces.. However I could never be as good as you! Thank you for brightening my day!

     Ah, thank you, you are sweet! I will have prints very soon, I tattoo in Dallas and in San Diego, and I would love to see your paintings! xo